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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meet You At The Mecca

The Mecca Cafe has been serving refreshments in Lismore since the 1930's. The city was famous for it's many cafes and Peter Tsicalas has developed an extensive website that focuses on the impact of the Greeks in the Lismore catering trade. The Mecca was unusual as it was not owned and operated by the 'cafe mafia'.

The Mecca still has it's beautiful fixtures from the early 1950's: chrome, mirrors, mosaic tiles, booths and images of 'modern Lismore' adorn the walls.

But there are also numerous objects to remind you that this is no museum piece and they demonstrate the many changes to town life over the last 50 years.  
The menu also reflects the contrast of past and present. It is possible to order a Meat Pie with a Blue Heaven malted milkshake or Char-grilled Spanish Chicken Salad with a cold glass of white wine. Long may the Mecca continue to be the place to meet in Lismore!

This is a Weekend Reflections post. Click here for James's very popular meme.


  1. Beautiful diner! I'd love to visit there and enjoy a meal! Their menu sounds great to me! Marvelous captures and reflections for the day, Mark! Hope you enjoy a great weekend!


  2. This is so lovely! Refreshing individuality! So glad its not part of the mafia chain!

  3. Terrific captures. I like the old photo.

  4. I grew up in the Hunter Valley and we had a cafe with this sort of decor. I must check to see if it is still standing, although, I suspect the decor will have been trashed.

  5. Looks quite spekky! But do they make a good coffee ?

  6. Dianne the coffee is passable. They use a local bean and although I support local produce the imported product is still sadly superior.

  7. I also meant to comment on the word 'spekky', is this SA vernacular for spectacular? New to me but I like it.


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