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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Schools Out For Summer

Ring that bell!!!!!!!! Most Australian school kids will be on Summer holidays by today and enjoying the long hot Christmas and January break; parents maybe not so much.This classic old school bell is at the fantastic Alumy Creek School Museum on Grafton's outskirts.

So many memories of the school bell, the favoured goody goody kids who always got that special job to ring it,  the naughty kids who dreamt about ringing it until they broke the rope, those kids who liked lessons and the sound signaled a joyous escape from the rough-house of the playground. Which kid were you? What is your school bell story?

This is a Skywatch Friday post. Click here for more heavenly scenes.


  1. A lovely image to see... as I shiver in my winter weather in the UK.

    Thanks for the reminder of lovely sunshine..

  2. Beautiful summery skies and I do love your composition, Mark! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. Terrific post to commemorate the end of the school year.

  4. Our school bell disappeared into the creek, they found it during the drought.

  5. Real nice shot! We really like your blog, you live in a beautiful area of the world. Thanks for sharing.
    Darryl & Ruth :)


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