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Friday, December 9, 2011

Swarming Insects @ The Gorge

Insects can appear in incredible swarms at The Gorge. Millions of gnat like insects and lacewings fly over over lights and hit into windows. Food and drink often contains extra protein!

What's really bizarre is that the following night there are none? Nature is very dynamic and unpredictable!

Is this a Skywatch post? Sort of, maybe, dunno but I'll post it anyway. 


  1. Oh, ugh! I once, many years ago, stayed in a holiday house down at Sussex Inlet that was overrun with mossies. After a few wines, we shut all the doors and windows, and using our thongs (Aussie thongs!) spent the next coupla hours like mad things jumping from bed to sofa to cupboard creating artistic red smears everywhere.

    When one was young, eh?

  2. Ugh ... reminds me that living further north is not all that great sometimes.

    Yes please, send all the Royals you can find, my profile has my email address.

  3. Now whose idea was to have a BBQ there? ;-)
    Nice captures!

  4. Makes me remember encounters like this. Not pleasant! Great to capture though.


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