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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visitors to the Shack

As there are no fences around The Shack at The Gorge we get many visitors.


  1. I love visitors like this lovely horse!... I thank you for solving the Pink Kurrajong mystery over at Pieces of Contentment. So smart of you and sweet... I was looking so hard for it to no avail. glad for your help! It is truly a unique tree in its glorious beauty!

  2. Good to catch up with your posts. Particularly like the Sculptures by the Sea, I missed Sydney's this year.

  3. What a gorgeous visitor Mark, he/she could give a lovely big 'slurpy' lick with that tongue!! Enjoyed your 'Walking to Rainbow Falls' series of shots, and oh yes I know all about those slippery mossy rocks, the number of times I've done that with camera held high haha!

  4. What a great photo, Mark! I like the almost-silhouette effect of the horse and the woman.
    Can't tell who is more scared of whom!


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