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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Walking to Rainbow Falls: Part 1

Rainbow Falls is a popular but very long and arduous walk at The Gorge and normally we would use a boat to get us half of the way. It is a spectacular boat ride through the eerie stone canyons.
On our most recent trip, heavy rain on the Northern Tablelands resulted in a rapid rise in the river which made the boat ride impossible, so we decided to do something we hadn't done for a number of years and walk the entire way. The track begins deceptively with green pastures amongst the billabongs.

On the mountain side of the greenway there is a thin strip of dry rainforest that grows amongst broken stone and boulders. It is nature at it's best! I always think that it is a Japanese Garden, but of course it is better than that because it needs no care whatsoever.
Tomorrow: The Track gets much harder!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if we're in the same country ... it's SO GREEN in your pix - but I'm looking out the window at a stark (but still beautiful) scene of grass bleached white by the sun, eucalypts and a wide blue sky! Almost like one of my outback cliche shots!!!

  2. Beautiful photos of some wonderful countryside, Mark. Looks positively idyllic!

  3. Both scenes are wonderful. I'm hoping to see more from this walk. I've not been to this area. Love all the greenery and the dry rainforest begs closer inspection.

  4. I could walk throught these pastures - the scenery is so green & lush. Maybe the next section will be a different story.

  5. I like walks ... looking forward to joining you on this one.


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