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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brisbane City Hall & King George Square

The Brisbane City Hall was built in the 1920's, it is an iconic Italianate Style building that features on the City Council's logo. In 2009 a complete overhaul/renovation began that will not finish until the end of 2012.

The design of the imposing clock tower is based on the Campanile of St Mark's Venice, and for many decades it was the tallest structure in Brisbane.

The City Hall faces King George Square. It has been redeveloped several times since the 1930's, the most recent being in the 2009.
It was a very hot day (typical Brisbane for 8 months of the year) and the vastness of the granite block plaza was suffocating. In it's previous incantation there were lots more people amongst it's lawns, gravel paths and trees, I wondered were the punks and goths, bag people and other interesting types had moved to?
There are many more structures that crowd the space: giant cement 'bunkers' (on the lower left and right) that are entrances to a underground bus station, an enormous TV screen that no one was watching and the desultory bench in the harsh sun. It no longer feels like a spot to linger, but more to rush through to another location to escape it's bare hot stone.

This is a Weekend in Black & White post. Click here for Dragonstar's monochrome meme.


  1. I like the patterns of those big cranes against the sky.
    I don't think I'd enjoy the heat and glare of King George Square, although your photo is full of strong lines. I think I'm more suited to being an "armchair traveler"!

  2. One of the hottest Xmases of my life was spent in Brisbane ... funny how the B&W makes it look cooler!!

    I'd MUCH rather spend winter up north ...

  3. I like your series of shots, but especially the second vertical shot with the clock tower...Why don't you come enter it in my 'Weekly Top Shot' meme? We're on Week #13 and I'd love to see you share with me and my readers! Here's this weeks' link: http://www.theviewfromrighthere.com/blog/?p=5870

  4. There are areas of Sydney a bit like this, Mark. The forecourt of St Mary's comes to mind. It used to be a bowling green that my father belonged to, City Bowling Club. Now it is concrete with ramps. I hope when they redesign the block(s) in froont of the Town Hall, they keep trees and grass and flowers. Did you see in the news that BOF is going to tear down the monorail? Way to go ...

  5. Julie I used to love the City Bowling Club, sad to hear that it is gone to be replaced by concrete.

  6. I remember the big hoo haa when they dug a big hole to make the car park under all that concrete. They called is Clem's hole ... after Clem Jones the Lord Mayor who set it in train.

    When I was a little kid my dad used to lift me up onto the back of the lion statues which I guess are still there somewhere.


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