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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Junction of North & South Arms of Clarence River

Last Watery Wednesday I had a shot looking east along the South Arm of the Clarence River. This is in the opposite direction where the narrower South Arm splits from the main body of the river.
On the right is the western tip of Woodford Island and the village of Brushgrove. At 37sq km's Woodford Island is the largest non-delta river island in the Southern Hemisphere due to a mountain range through it's centre.
The junction of the two river arms is a popular location to park a yacht or boat and visit the excellent Brushgrove Hotel.

This is my contribution to the Outdoor Wednesday meme.
This is my contribution to the Watery Wednesday meme.


  1. Loooks lovely! How is the Clarence valley coping with all the rain?
    We have flash flooding in Brisbane, more rain forecast, people evacuated, roads and homes threatened... lets hope it's not a repeat of Jan 2011!!

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful scene, Mark! Such lovely skies reflected on the water and I love the boat! Hope your week is going well!


  3. Love the way the water reflects and deepens the blue of the sky!

  4. The photo draws attention to the lone, centralised boat sitting so calmly on those beautiful waters! Great view!

  5. All I can say....is....JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! No, wait, let me change that to so tranquil. Ya, I like tranquil describing this stunning image much better.

    My Wednesday post: UNDER THE SEA

  6. Wow - would love to be there now!
    thanks for sharing...


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