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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Cuppa Tea, A Bex and a Good Lie Down

 I spotted this dolly in Grafton's Schaeffer House Museum and straight away thought of that old expression 'A cuppa tea, a Bex and a good lie down'.
The expression arose around WW2 and refers to Bex and Vincent's Powders that were available at corner stores and used in excessive amounts from large percentage of the population.
In the 1950's it was widely believed that most housewives were addicted to the powders to get them through the drudgery and hard work of the day, hence the expression.
I found a blog that contained vast amounts of information about this now vanished addiction. Click here for the Bex story

 The old advertisements certainly look aimed at women.


  1. Fascinating Mark. Instantly brought back childhood memories of my Grandmother in the late 60's taking Bex straight from the box with a drink of water to wash it down. These grandparents lived 500 miles away (in those days) and we holidayed with them regularly. I don't remember ever seeing anyone else take Bex. The doll in your photo is also a relic from that era.

  2. Mother's little helper. The doll makes me think of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

    Hope you are keeping your head above water up there.

  3. Well that as a trip down memory lane. I had a bed doll like that when I was a kid. My parents never took the powders but one of the men who worked at the business nearby was always swallowing them straight from the paper ... no water.

  4. Yes, my mother was like that man: straight from the paper. She was an addict. She died at 76 when she went blind and her liver gave out. When I was a kid, we used Bex boxes as building blocks.

    Now that middle name of your grandfather ... what was it ... something operatic ... or biblical ... how come?

  5. I hadn't thought about the 17th Doll Ann, one of my favourite plays. Yes Joan and Julie my main memory of the powders was people taking them straight out of the packet.
    Julie I have no idea where the name Zadock came from but it was in the family for a long time.
    My relatives came on the 2nd fleet and once owned all the land from Lane Cove up to Wahroonga and across to Cherrybrook, there is a Bellamy's Corner somewhere around Beecroft. Gee I could've been rich except a branch decided to come north and cut cedar.


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