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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grand Old Dames

Well it's Valentine's Day so lets have a flower story. Shirley inherited these Eucharist Lillies from her mother, they are at least 60 years old, maybe 70. She had blooms from these plants in her bridal bouquet over 50 years ago. Never been re-potted, never fertilized just kept in the shade and regularly watered. It is a very romantic story amongst the commercial razzamatazz that is Valentine's Day.

In a nice local link I found this Margaret Olley oil entitled of course 'Eucharist Lillies'. Olley died last year in Sydney after a brilliant life but she was born in Lismore in 1923.

This is my contribution to the Our World Tuesday meme.


  1. Great post!! Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. wow. i have some five years old and feel very good about myself. I know what it takes to keep plants healthy. good for you. garry. and wonderfully presented here.

  3. What an amazing story about your lilies! Thanks for sharing that one today! A lovely Valentine's Day post! Thanks for sharing it! Lovely captures! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. A refreshing and touching story - appropriate for any day, be it Valentine's Day or any other. The lilies appear to be in such good health and are doubtless a happy reminder of a special day and a special mother. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  5. Delightful post, Mark. I have not seen these lilies in the flesh so to speak, only in photos. Would love to get my hands on some, so I'll be off to a nursery now!
    I have posted about Margaret Olley here:


  6. These lilies are lovely for Valentines and I really like that they've been in the family so long.

  7. Wow - amazing to find out how old these lovely lilies are!

  8. They sound like the sort of plant I need. Most of my pot plants would suit Taphophile Tragics.

  9. Great post, Mark! That's incredible to have those potted lillies for so many years and still going strong.
    Thanks for your comment on my Weekend Flowers post... we are very spoiled in Brisbane, we have not one, but 2 Botanic Gardens!! Both quite different - the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens (in the heart of Brisbane bordering the river) and also the older Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha.

  10. The previous commenters have said it all.... amazing the lilies have such a long life.
    Beautiful post.


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