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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bellinger River - Gumboots Required

Like a thread of silver, the Bellinger River flows across the rich river flats towards the Pacific Ocean. On the bottom left in the bend of the river is the small hamlet of Fairymount. The town of Bellingen at the top is partially obscured by cloud.
The river rises in the Great Dividing Range and is prone to extreme rainfalls that can lead to floods within a few hours. Over the last few years, due to the ongoing La Nina weather pattern, the river has had innumerable rises and a dozen moderate to major floods. You need to own a really good pair of gumboots to live around here lately.
This is my contribution to the Watery Wednesday meme.
This is my contribution to Southern Daydreamer's Outdoors Wednesday meme.


  1. Great shot, Mark. There si still a lot of water around...

  2. Lovely, just lovely photograph.
    Joyce M

  3. Beautiful! come and re follow me ( lost blog)


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