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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

High (Tide) Anxiety

It looks so perfect but the Belongil Creek district of Byron Bay has a very interesting past and a somewhat doubtful future. For many decades it was dominated by the meat industry with the a whale slaughtering station on the beach and the F. J. Walker Meatworks behind the dunes.
Then it became famous for it's multi-million dollar beach houses, with Aussie superstar Paul Hogan having a vast ocean front compound.
Correction: It was John 'Strop' Cornell, Paul Hogan's comedic sidekick and business partner, that owned the large estate at Belongil. Thanks Figmince for noticing the error.
For many Belongil is about the swampy fields which once held world famous music festivals like 'Splendour in the Grass' and 'Homebake'.

Over the last few years the Belongil Spit has experienced severe erosion and many properties are for sale with owners taking a bath on their million dollar beach houses. Many landowners have also been in conflict with the Byron Shire over protecting their properties.
Still it is a nice place for a swim but you have to be open minded as it is also an unofficial nudist beach.
In July 'Splendour in the Grass' is also returning to the Belongil Fields after a few years in Queensland and the realisation from the local council that Byron is doing it tough and needs the business.

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  1. Actually, the big beachfront compound you refer to is/was owned by John Cornell (aka Paul Hogan's foil 'Strop') and his wife Delvene Delaney.

  2. Yes, I saw Hogan across the creek last time I was visiting a friend who lives next door. Haven't been there for a while now though. Struck me as a nice area, but a bit too warm for my liking.

  3. Woops. Thanks Figmince for the correction. Do you know what will happen to the site?

  4. For all we humans think .. we can't control nature... it is a beautiful place!

  5. It still have a lovely wide white beach and I could do with some warm dry weather .... wrapped up in a blanket all day ... sitting by a log fire tonight.

  6. It is so beautiful! I would swim there in a heart beat...it's been very very cold over here in New England, USA. I can't wait for warm weather and your beach looks so inviting.

  7. When you say 'swampy fields' and music festival, it makes me think also of Glyndebourne where it is always a muddy mess for their music festival.

  8. On a day like this you can see the attraction!! But rain/wind/high tide/bits of palm frond/tropical cyclone? HHHMMMmmm...

  9. Looks like such a beautiful spot Mark. Pity about the impact of the severe erosion. Especially love the top shot.

  10. Gorgeous! A beautiful familiar view. I spent some time in Byron.

  11. Gorgeous captures!

    Late visiting from Watery Wednesday, hope you can visit my Water Fountain, entry. Thanks in advance.


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