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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Theme Day: Electricity

Grafton is a bit of a backwater these days but in the 1924 it was at the forefront of clean power. This is the heritage listed and very much still operating Nymbodia Hydro Electric Power Station, the second oldest in mainland Australia. Built by the local ratepayers it provided electricity to Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Lismore and was the basis for the formation of the County Council which served the area for many decades until it was stolen corporatised by the NSW Government in the 1990's.

The Heritage Council notes that the turbines and switches are still in original condition. This makes it an outstanding example of industrial heritage.

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  1. A great set of photos Mark, even for a technical bimbo like me. I like the reference to it being stolen too, that wd be a sore point avec moi..

    Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave

  2. Yeah, I like the underscore, too, Mark. I had a guffaw. I like that image of the wall of switches that you pilfered, too. I had no idea that we had hydro in our state anywhere other than in the Snowy. Thanks for setting the record straight in my head.

  3. Very pleased its heritage listed.

  4. Great post Mark, like Julie and Chrissy I enjoyed the underscore, so great to see it going strong today!

  5. Fascinating what we learn on Theme Day - other days too, via other people's blogs. And all that wonderful water.

  6. Theme day always sneaks up on me. I trawled my archive to see if there was a photo of the Carrington Hotel chimney at Katoomba because that is an old power station. But nothing there. I like the green and cream machinery ... I wonder why pumping machinery is always that colour?

  7. Stolen, eh? Hmmm. Interesting post!

  8. Wow - you did your homework, Mark! Great photos of that electrical plant! They seem to have enough security around its perimeter!

  9. Wonderful post and photos illustrating this theme, Mark!
    Here's mine:


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