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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NERAM: Armidale 2350

The New England Regional Art Museum in Armidale is home to a number of extraordinary collections and a fascinating history of how it all came together.
The collection began with the enigmatic Howard Hinton who lived in a Cremorne(Sydney) boarding house and amassed an incredible private art collection. He only ever had a dozen paintings in this small room; as he would buy them he sent them to C B Newling, the Principal of the Armidale Teachers College. Why he chose Armidale is still somewhat a mystery. To read more about this fascinating man click here.
Howard Hinton by George Lambert - http://m.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/work/968/
Over the years over a 1200 pieces were sent north from Sydney. The Tom Roberts, Han Heysens, William Dobells, Lloyd Rees, Margaret Prestons etc hung on the corridors and offices of the College for many years as generations of trainee teachers learnt their craft, ( and apparently sometimes played practical jokes with the valuable paintings).

Chandler Coventry by Judy Cassab - http://www.judycassab.com/a-old/160-Chandler_Coventry-1987.jpg
The other core collection of NERAM belonged to Chandler Coventry. He was born into a famous New England pastoral family but eschewed the grazing industry and moved to Sydney were he eventually ran the Coventry Gallery in Paddington. It is mainly due to Coventry that NERAM was built.
In the late 1970's he offered his personal collection of Modern Art to the City of Armidale on the understanding that a purpose built Gallery would be constructed to display his and Howard Hinton's great benefactions. NERAM opened in 1983 and is one of Australia's great public Art Galleries.

Outdoor sculpture at the entrance to NERAM (wish I knew who it is by)
NERAM is one of the largest Art Galleries in Regional Australia. There are always art works on display from the Hinton and Coventry collections but the spaces also allow for many other exhibitions to occur.
Over the next few days I will show you what is on at present as well as the buzz of an Opening Night at the Gallery.


  1. Interesting post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. I've not been to Armidale for several years but when I used to live there I went to NERAM every time they had some good visiting exhibition. They also have excellent permanent collections too.

  3. An interesting post indeed, Mark! Love your captures of the art work and the museums history! Great tour! Thanks for sharing!


  4. HHHMMMmmm... maybe the person (CB Newling) not the place (Armidale) holds a clue?? NERAM is on the list when we return to New England for a longer visit. Just not in winter ...

  5. Love the intricate pattern of the last shot.

    My RUBY, would love it if you could drop by and leave me a comment or two. Thanks in advance!

  6. Great shots, lovely RED..

    Visiting for RT2- hope you can stop by:)



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