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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yamba's Story House - The Big Bite

Yesterday I showed you the WW1 exhibit at the Port of Yamba's Historical Museum, the Story House.
Another exhibit that caught my eye was the Cal Liddle surfboard that Steve King was riding when he was attacked by a shark on Angourie's Back Beach late last year, he luckily survived, shaken and with a few puncture marks to his leg. To read the story as told in the local paper click here. It is generous of King to loan the board to the museum.
Shark attacks in the local area are quite rare but they do happen to mainly surfers or divers. On the entire North Coast, with a thousand beaches and tens of thousands surfing, there is one or two attacks per year.

Contributing to Lesley's Thursday Signs meme.


  1. It's a miracle that he survived the attack with just (I use the term loosely( puncture wounds.

  2. Scary stuff! That (and the risk of drowning) would stop me from surfing.

  3. I find it hard for anyone to survive a shark attack. It is a really scary thought. The sign is really eye catching and cool. Like it lots. genie

  4. I think this is a good use for the surf board now that it has a shark bite in it!

  5. I am way too old to use these initials but OMG! What else can I say -- amazing that guy survived. Wow.

  6. and to think he still all the bits....
    soglad he survived

  7. thank goodness he's OK
    that is a sobering image

  8. That's enough to keep me out of the water.


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