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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Building With Lots of Stories

Yamba has a wonderful museum that has existed for many decades. It has a fantastic collection of items from the Yaegl People, the original indigenous inhabitants of the Lower Clarence, to the present. The building has also had an interesting journey over it's 75 year history.

The building is the original Yamba Bowling Club built in 1937.

In 1960 my grandfather, Steve Bellamy, dragged the building a couple of hundred yards across the sand flats with one of his bulldozers and it then became the Yamba Golf Club. It remained the Clubhouse until 1975 when a new building was constructed.
 In 1982 it was moved again, this time on a semi trailer, to it's present location in River St Yamba.

The old Presbyterian Kirk is the latest addition to the Museum complex. It was built in 1921 and was last used by the congregation in 1999. The building was donated to the museum and was moved from Wooli St in 2009 and then beautifully restored with a Government Grant. It is now used for exhibitions, cultural events and is also available for hire.


  1. Not many buildings move around so much!

  2. What an interesting post. I love the ones that teach us some history. I am surprised the building help up so well being moved multiple times...and to move it with the family bulldozer...that is amazing. Loved the pictures. genie

  3. Love the style of this building, the sound of its heritage and a clever title too Mark ;-)

  4. Love that little white clapboard church!

  5. pretty in blue and white
    love your post title, perfect :)

  6. Wow! Travelling buildings with a little makeup for final polish! Interesting heritage and great photos!

  7. it is a very pretty looking building. and that church is adorable!
    how neat to have that family connection, too.


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