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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Espresso Botero Maclean

After yesterdays post I thought I would show you the headquarters of Espresso Botero in Maclean. They have a fantastic cafe and shop attached to their coffee roasting factory. To read more about this flourishing local business click here.

They have also recently introduced a range of teas. Jilly's Tea is named after one of the owners.


  1. Mmmmmmm. I can smell the aroma of fresh roasted coffee. Wonderful in my imagination. But in reality it would keep me up all night if I had a cup now. (7 PM here)

  2. Beautiful RED, great shots!

    Visiting for RT 2- hope you can stop by:)


  3. I didn't realise Maclean was so up market.

  4. I can almost smell the coffee! Happy RT2.

    Mine's here.

  5. That is something that I like to try.
    Mary, MI

  6. What a great range of teas there Mark, I' a huge fan of the cuppa, there's a brand here (and everywhere I'm sure) called T2, fantastic!

  7. Found by accident when travelling and couldn't believe how lucky we were to find this place, which served fantastic coffee and a selection of beautiful little cakes. Pam Fichtner


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