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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yamba's Old Lighthouse: Now & Then

This is a replica of the original Yamba Lighthouse. It houses the local community radio station 2TLC. Work on building the replica began in 1989 but was never quite finished. Over the last 2 years a huge effort  has been put in to finish it. Those involved should be very proud of their efforts.

Here is the original that was built in 1879 and pulled down in 1957. I cannot be sure but it looks like a Carl Ehlers photograph.


  1. that is a gorgeous lighthouse!

  2. Always partial to a lighthouse, especially the long low ones like this. Great job.

  3. Oh, yes. Plaudits to them, indeed. I also like the call sign of the radio station.

    1. Yes it is funny, actually stands for 'The Lower Clarence'.

  4. Wow they really have done a marvelous job here Mark. I love this style of lighthouse, it always seems more sturdy and able to withstand the huge coastal storms than it's taller counterpart. I loooooove that you found the photo of the original, such a fabulous comparison. Excellent post.


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