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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dangarsleigh War Memorial

This week we are going on a journey, the road from Armidale to Gostwyck. Our first stop is the unusual and privately built Dangarsleigh War Memorial.
It was erected by A H Perrott of 'Chevy Chase' as a  WW1 war memorial to 16 local lads, one of these being his son Alfred who died on Passchendale Ridge in 1917. There was a terrific information board at the entrance that 'brought back to life' these young men, sadly it was burnt down by vandals a little over a year ago, hopefully it can be reinstated soon.


The entrance is called 'Nirvana' and is reminiscent of an eastern temple. As you pass through the turnstile the handles are shaped like a military bugle, service rifle, Naval bosun’s whistle and a cannon. You can just see the service rifle in the shot. 'Nirvana' is a place of peace and the stone bell is symbolic of calling the souls to eternal rest. Each side of 'Nirvana' has a rosemary bush, the herb of memory and remembrance.

The actual memorial is symbolism in rock and cement. If you refer back to the first picture and the marble inscription above you can easy work out Perrott's metaphorical design.


  1. Travelling around the countryside, brings home what a seminal event WW1 was to the nation. They say Europe went into mass decline, where the centre could not hold, from 1919 to about 1929. Where the artists and the writers were freed from previous constraints, social inhibitions, purely because the carnage their world had endured simply would no longer permit old verities. Here, too, in country NSW (and not just Dangarfield, but all over) there was an outpouring of emotions one would not have expected otherwise.

  2. this is interesting, all the symbolism and the joining together of the nations involved - not just the town affected by the deaths of the local men.


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