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Thursday, July 26, 2012


We're almost to Gostwyck, in fact until 40 years ago we would be there. In the 1970's the Dangar family split the property amongst Henry Dangar's granddaughters. The eastern property was renamed Deeargee, an extension of the identifying mark branded on bales of wool from Gostwyck Station, DRG.
Tomorrow, one of  Australia's most unique woolsheds but here is a sneek peak of it in the distance.


  1. I love that first shot with the trees in the distance!

  2. Lovely big skies! I haven't heard the term "pastoral Company" before, but I can figure what it means!

  3. So love the countryside under the radiant blue of the sky! A unique sign!

  4. Beautiful skies...the grasses look so different from the ones we see here. Lovely photos. genie

  5. Probably many emotions behind that sign. May time and life treat it kind. Please have a good Friday.

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  6. I like the name - and the 'pastoral company'.
    that wool shed in the next post is pretty amazing, too!


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