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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guyra 2365

Guyra is a small town located between Armidale and Glen Innes. In the mid 90's it went through a slump when the abattoirs closed down but has lifted over the last few years mainly due to the establishment of a 20 hectare greenhouse the grows tomatoes. To read more about the amazing tomato growing business click here.
Even though it was a wet cold day on my visit the main street seemed busy with lots of cafes and shoppers.

Guyra is one the highest towns in Australia. Many businesses make use of the "highest" moniker in their advertisements, such as the Caravan Park.
It's winters can be fearsome with lots of severe frosts and occasional snow falls. It's summers are warm but still cool even cold nights.


  1. I could see the place is wet with rain. And it is 4330ft wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking I do appreciate it.

    Water World Wednesday

  2. Amazing to think it can be cold and wet up there let alone snow. I guess hight above sea level changes things .

  3. We are between Guyra & Armidale & higher again. But we have not had any decent snow fall for at least 20 years. Global warming is very apparent here! With rains like we have had recently, the only way out to Armidale is via Guyra.
    Regards, Keith.

    1. Hi Keith, nice to hear from you. I was living in Armidale in 1984 when there was a very large snowfall. I also have fond memories of catching the train to Black Mountain for the day we had word that it was snowing up there.
      Regards Mark.

  4. Well I remember Guyra. The Sydney-Brisbane bus which I caught quite frequently 20 years ago used to stop there for a break in the small hours of the morning ... it was always freeeeeezing. When we passed through there the other day we gave camping at the the highest caravan park in Australia a miss, we wanted a warmer night.

    1. I love Guyra Joan but the caravan park has never appealed to me, would have to be January and even then I would take a few jumpers.


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