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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moriarty's Wall - Iluka

I am not sure what the good folk of Iluka call this little beach. It is located just inside the river mouth of the Clarence River. In the distance is the historic Moriaty's Wall.

Moriarty's Wall was named after W.B.D Moriarty, the Public Works Department engineer who inspected the mouth of the Clarence River in 1860 and first proposed a scheme to make the river mouth safer for shipping. Work on the wall began in 1870. After completion the Yamba Pilot, Captain F Freeburn claimed that it had made the situation worse. In 1885 a new scheme proposed by Sir John Goode saw a large section of Moriarty's Wall dismantled. This is the last remaining section of Moriarty's Wall that was maintained in the Goode Scheme.


  1. lovely sharp shadows in these very scenic shots...

  2. Dangerous bars and silting up of the river mouths have been problems for years haven't they!? I it is amazing how complex wave action, floods and long-shore drift are... I've not heard of Moriaty's wall before but this sounds like a great example!

  3. I appreciate the little history lesson--and the shadows!

    Shadowy Stones

  4. A beautiful place and nice shadows. Enjoy your sunday!


  5. I always love beach scenes and this one is no different! Love all the rocks.

  6. Clearly the topographical and maybe seasonal homework wasn't thorough the first time round! But the result leaves a most unusual coastline feature with a story! Interesting photos!

  7. Wish I could go for a walk by the sea!

    My Shadows
    Have a blessed Sunday.


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