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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poley Bridge - Rushforth Road

Poley Bridge, which crosses the Orara River, is the site of one of the first bridges that Europeans built in the Clarence Valley. These days it's a quiet back road between South Grafton and Coutts Crossing with the delightful name of the Rushforth Road. The road is a favourite with cyclists.

A 'poley bridge' is a rough built bridge with no sides. I'm sure this is not the original bridge due to the concrete piers but it still lives up to it's original name with minimum sides and a rustic charm. The large pipe on the left side is the Grafton/Lower Clarence Water Supply from Nymbodia heading towards the nearby Grafton Reservoir.

The Orara is always a dirty brown/green. At this stage of it's interesting journey to the sea it crosses some wide plains. Even a small rise in the Orara River puts Poley Bridge underwater and out of action.


  1. I really like the reflections of the trees and greenery in the first shot - and it looks like a very hot day!!!

  2. «Louis» thanks you for this fine contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  3. Great photos, our family lived just the other side of that bridge for many years, it sure looks different when in flood


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