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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Grafton General Cemetery

It looks rural but the old South Grafton General cemetery has been surrounded by suburbia since the 1950's. It is well maintained by the council but has suffered vandalism over the years.
The oldest inscription is from 1852 and it was superseded by the Clarence Lawn Cemetery in the 1960's, however, there is still the odd burial in a family plot.


  1. Looks as if there may be some interesting old stories here! Love the weathering of these stones and how they seem to be on a slight hillside!

  2. I guess there are some old stories to tell if they could. I wonder what an 'odd' burial is like?

  3. Grin at Diane's comment.

    I find that many small town (and even larger towns) have cemeteries on sloping land. I know Port Macquarie does, and this is very reminiscent of same. I guess there are fewer and fewer burials when compared with cremations nowadays. Although, with the advent of Carbon Pricing and a $55 impost, it would not surprise if there were an uptake in burials, rather than squandering electricity!!

  4. this looks like a nice wide, open space.

  5. Great picture, is does look well maintained.

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  6. it looks nice.
    so many graves have gravebeds, or whatever you call it!
    and i assume the "caged" ones are the older ones?


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