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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Stuck on Sedgers Reef"

Sedgers Reef Hotel in Iluka  is a rambling barn of a joint that has seen better days. There has been talk about a rebuild when Iluka is connected to a reticulated sewerage scheme in 2013. Although Sedgers is falling down it does have a shabby unpretentious charm.
"Stuck on Sedgers Reef" is a famous if somewhat vanishing phrase in the Lower Clarence vernacular. 
The expression refers to what men once said to their wives/girlfriends after arriving home after a fishing trip both late and drunk. In the context of the times, pre 1980's, it reflects both stereotypical male/female roles ( men out together fishing/drinking - wifey home looking after the kiddies) and the total social acceptance of driving a boat under the influence of alcohol.

Times have changed; most wives/girlfriends are now to be found in the boat or doing something for themselves rather than chained to domestic drudgery and waiting for their drunken partner to come home, and also severe penalties now apply for driving a boat under the influence of alcohol. Still it's a great expression and a great hotel.


  1. Love your comment "rambling barn of a joint"! The building looks intriguing...no visitors allowed inside? But what a photo op even from the outside! A grand post!

  2. It looks a bit rundown but I bet you can get some good seafood there!

  3. Unpretentious is an apt adjective!

  4. Shabby chic is in!!!

    I hope when they do rebuild that they will keep the charm!

  5. it does have a charm about it
    I too hope they rebuild

  6. Interesting bit of social commentary there, Mark. ;-)


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