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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Theme Day: Chimneys (and the Gricerazzi)

There are lots of terms/colloquialisms used to describe railway enthusiasts: trainspotters, trainophiles, anoraks, trainbuffs, gricers, foamers, Zeds, ferroequinologists, bashers and the list goes on. You may have gathered that some of these terms are somewhat derogatory.
My favourite is the Australian expression gunzel. It is derived from an American term for a hoodlum but in the Aussie context refers to a trainspotter who does dangerous or foolish things to see or photograph a rail engine/carriage/railcar etc.
Obviously our trio of steam train enthusiasts discussing the 1893 Manchester built Beyer-Peacock steam engine are not gunzels, they also don't have cameras or notepads, so they're not even trainspotters or Zeds. I think i'll call them plain ordinary railbuffs.
Is there a term for someone who photographs railbuffs? Perhaps the gricerazzi!
Is there a term for someone who photographs the chimneys of steam trains? Perhaps a stackbuff!
OK, there's my tenuous connection between the theme day and this silly post!

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Thanks Julie from Sydney Eye for quickly getting this going again.


  1. One of the chaps in a photo-group I contribute to uses tha handle railbuff but he photos a lot more than trains - always comes up with answers to interesting queries about trains though.

  2. Wonderful mean to measure life. Must be decades since last I heard alike. Please have a good new month.

    daily athens photo

  3. A great chimney post Mark. .... I love all those rail enthusiasts terms especially ferroequinologist ....must use that someday.

  4. I have never heard of most of those terms.... but then, sadly, we have so few trains here.

  5. Thanks for enriching my vocabulary! Great post for theme day.

  6. A very interesting proposal for the theme day. Well done, thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  7. As you know Mark I am a great fan of the silly post, loooooove the wordage here and such an unexpected twist on the theme! btw I like your other word today 'greenwash' lets hope Alcoa really are doing the right thing!!

  8. Nice take on the theme day Mark, you gricerazzo you!

  9. Very cool! What a great idea for theme day.


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