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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Green and Gold

Late Winter is when most Wattles flower profusely in Australia ( as asthmatics and hay fever sufferers can well testify). Wattle Day used to be on the 1st of August but now is celebrated on the 1st of September.

Wattle is the national flower and I thought it was fitting for the last day of the London Olympics. Well done to all the athletes for their amazing performances and also London for putting on the best games since Sydney in 2000.


  1. Great photo! Love the contrast of the yellow and green. Yes, the olympics have been amazing. But, being a born and raised Utahn I have to say Salt Lake was pretty awesome too. lol!

  2. Nice take. How come Wattle is the nat'l flower I wonder... Yep. Good job with all the athletes in the London 2012 Olympics!

    1. Good question Tracey, I guess that because there is nearly 1000 types in australia that it is present in nearly every location/environment. Officially Golden Wattle is the national emblem.

  3. Great shot. What a curious looking flower!

  4. Nice, and I never knew it is now the 1st of Sept.

  5. The colors are quite relaxing. I must say that this is a great photo. Yup, good job to all the athletes. :)

  6. The wattle is out on our block too. I took a snap on the weekend. Must post soon.

  7. beautiful late winter flowers :-) beautiful shot too :-) Dropping by from MYM


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