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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coraki 2471

The main street of Coraki has a neglected, time has passed it by feel. Once it was a great riverboat town situated at the junction of the Wilson and Richmond Rivers but it was bypassed by the railway and has slowly declined into a rural backwater.
I'm not sure when the Club Hotel closed down but it feels like it's just waiting to be reinvented and serve some new exciting purpose.


  1. It's not easy to bring a town back to life!

  2. It's a fine looking building - hope it is saved somehow!

  3. It is a crying shame when railways (and highways) bypass these towns allowing them to die.

  4. Rural backwaters can be a photographer's mecca for the unusual! This looks like one of those places! The building looks as if it may once have been quite grand!

  5. I love backwater towns .,, lovely to see this one. And I agree, this should be a nice B&B or something.


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