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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bruxner Park Sky Pier

Bruxner Park is only 10 minutes from Coffs Harbour and is a very popular State Forest Flora Reserve. The most popular location to visit is Sealy's Lookout with it's dramatic views over Coffs and the Pacific Ocean.
In early 2012 the very striking Sky Pier was opened providing even better views from the suspended walkway.


  1. Fantastic photo, didn't know about the Sky Pier, must visit there when we next go South.

  2. That looks cool. Great shot.

  3. I can handle swinging bridges without any trouble, but I do not think I would go out on this one. The view must be magnificent, but I would keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. genie

  4. What I like about this shot is that you have given us the view plus a great shot of the lookout.

  5. That looks like a wondeful place to have a good view of the scenery below.

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