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Monday, October 15, 2012

Derelict @ the Xroads

The Crossroads is a well known locality in South Grafton where the Gwydir Highway, west to Glen Innes and Moree begins and the Pacific Highway from Sydney to Brisbane brushes past. It is very low land prone to deep flooding before the levee banks were built.
The Esso Roadhouse was a well known Service Station that closed a year or two ago. It has now become a terrible eyesore, boarded up and surrounded by rank weeds.


  1. Plenty of homeless about, this could make a nice home. What a waste.

    1. Agree Keith, must be some use for it. How much snow did you get last week?

  2. Old service stations are particularly prone to this type of ugliness for some reason. Perhaps their redevelopment is hampered by the fuel tanks in the ground.


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