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Monday, October 29, 2012

Grafton 2 Inverell Cycle Classic - Feeding Time

After the grueling climb of the Gibralter Range the cyclists need to be fed. 'Handlers' spread out over a 200m straight waiting for their cyclists to appear.

It is extremely nerve racking for cyclist and feeder as many things can go wrong as the bags are passed.


  1. I can see there are many ways an accident could happen here!

  2. This is something I never thought about, never knew. Thanks for the photo and words that convey the seriousness of the moment.

  3. I've seen some of this accidents on TV and it's sad that a cyclist had to fall for grabbing food or water. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ YACB

  4. Amazing athletes!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie


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