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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jacaranda Avenue - Today & Yesterday

The Jacaranda Festival began in 1935 in Pound St Grafton. Initially it was a folk dancing festival with the citizens of the town gathering under the trees to watch children present a pageant. The following night the adults merrily danced  to an adapted version of the Cornish Floral Dance.

These days Jacaranda Avenue plays no part in the festival.


  1. That beautiful street looks familiar! I took a picture there, I think. Must have been when I was volunteering at the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary. Are you near them?

    Love your old photo. The festival must have been really something to see.

  2. Jacaranda Avenue looking good. We were in Grafton for the Thursday last year and there didn't seem to be as much folk dancing in Market Square as I remembered.
    Actually, I emceed the Queen Crowning one year, and I must go through my box of old photos and see which year it was, probably around mid-late '70s.

  3. Jacarandas are simply stunning trees. I love painting them & they are by far the most popular subject in my paintings.
    I just sent a 4ftx4ft Jacaranda painting from Western Australia to Florida.


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