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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Tin Bridge - South Grafton

The 'Tin Bridge' crosses the North Coast Rail Line and links Federation St with the Pacific Highway. It was closed to vehicular traffic over a decade ago.

The funny thing about the Tin Bridge is that it is actually made out of wood. As you can see it is in a terrible state.
I have often wondered why it was nicknamed the Tin Bridge and my theories are: the sound it made when you drove over it (tinny), perhaps corrugated iron was used on it's sides, or maybe it was built cheap.


  1. Very interesting...I think I would go with the name coming from the sound. It is definitely in disrepair. Nice shot. genie

  2. I remember going that way, particularly as we were in South Grafton while our house was being built.
    Interesting aspects you have chosen.

  3. that bridge is going to be part of the rail line soon.

  4. Perhaps the wood was oiled to keep it conservated in early days. And therefore the name.


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