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Monday, December 17, 2012

Yellow is the Colour

Yesterday there was a large protest march and rally in Grafton over a coal seam gas test well being developed by Metagasco in Pillay Valley area. It was a very hot day and I admired how this lady used the now ubiquitous triangular yellow 'Lock the Gate' sign and turned it into a sun safe hat.


  1. Smart and classy. Perfect for the event.

  2. well that is a clever way to protect herself during the protest!

  3. clever! i like the shape of this hat--i'd wear this instead of carrying a protest banner.:p

    my sparkling MYM here

  4. It reminds me of the cheesehead hat that Greenbay Packers fans wear at football games.

  5. I don't now what to make of all of this CSG stuff. On the one hand people want us to be more 'green' and have carbon reduction targets then vehemently oppose the current best alternative to having reliable power while reducing carbon.

    Let me tell you it sucks to do without power long term or try to live exclusively on solar without tapping into the grid when the sun doesn't shine or the batteries run out. That is a problem we have right now out at our block because connecting to the grid is prohibitive at $30-50K.


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