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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maclean Awning & Thanks

This is a vintage canvas awning in Maclean. 'Towells tender meats' no longer exists, behind the awning is a beautician.
The Clarence River is still experiencing a major flood and many peoples lives have been turned upside down. Many thanks to everyone who left messages of care and concern, it was greatly appreciated. Time to try and get life back to normal for me and my family.


  1. prayers are sent your way for all those who are still suffering.

  2. I suppose it would cost a lot to replace the canvas awning, and many people are used to where Towell's was located. They probably say, "We're located where Towell's used to be."

    Hope you and your family are safe,

  3. Perhaps it could become "Towell's Tender Skin?
    Best wishes for the clean up in your area.

  4. i'm sure this canvas served this area well when it was raining.
    all the best to you and your family.

  5. Amazing how many old butcher signs seemed to feature a "cow" profile in a circle! Yours is the first one I have seen still around! Great find!

  6. We had awnings like this on our home in Florida many years ago. It definitely is vintage...I feel like I am vintage :-) Nice shot. genie

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