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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goonoowigal - Nhuta Karra-Kara

When the Mission and Reserve system broke down in the late 19th century, the remnants of the Jukambal people moved to Goonoowigal. They were not allowed to live in the nearby town of Inverell. Goonoowigal became a typical fringe dwellers camp until the mid 1960's.
When the reminisces of those who lived here were collected it was a place, that despite the terrible conditions was remembered fondly for the community atmosphere, the abundance of bush tucker and the fact that white people didn't interfere with their day to day lives. 

When it rained a small rock pool filled with water, it was used for the children's bath.

Today a large number of signs tell the stories of the families that once called Goonoowigal home.


  1. interesting...what a hard way to live

  2. WoW! Sad! But nice that they have some good memories of each other.

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