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Thursday, March 28, 2013

'Wouldn't Work in an Iron Lung'

One of my favourite exhibits in Grafton's museum, Schaeffer House, is the old shop dummy in the Iron Lung. It always reminds me of that wonderful old Aussie expression, 'They wouldn't work in an Iron Lung'. It meant that a person was extremely lazy.
Iron Lungs have long vanished from hospitals. They were used to treat that terrible disease polio and allowed patients with poliomyelitis to breathe artificially.


  1. *Shudder* As a kid I always thought the iron lung was for TB patients. So, it was mostly for polio?
    Either way, to be in one for very long seems a fate worse than death.
    The Aussie expression is clever, though.

  2. I remember one like that hissing and puffing away in our local hospital when I was a kid.

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